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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a web site expensive?

The $64,000 question. It all depends on the requirements each site is different. Please contact us to discus your requirements. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Do you host the site?

If you choose us to build your website then we will include the hosting for the first 12 months. Following that we will invoice you each year for the hosting. Contact us for more details

How is the site built?

We only use WordPress to build the site. WordPress is free and is used in thousands of websites. It’s easy to update and is search engine frendly.

will it take a long time?

This can depend on both the size of the site and the speed in which you can supply the content and agree the layout. A simple site can take upto a couple of weeks to complete. A complex ecommerce site can take months.

Do you update the site?

We are not responsible for updating the site once complete. We will help you with any problems you have. We can update the site if you want us to and will qulify for 50% discount on our hourly rate.

More Questions?

Please contact us if you need to ask any more questions.